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It’s a rare thing to find in today’s world. When you do, it’s worth celebrating.

Inspired by the natural purity of the river from which it takes its name, Stony River Black Angus is grass-fed New Zealand beef of exceptional taste and quality.

Our story starts on the lush volcanic pastures surrounding Mount Taranaki on New Zealand’s rugged West Coast, an environment blessed with year-round sun and rain.


Stony River Black Angus is truly exceptional grass-fed beef, in the purest sense of the word. Purity like this doesn’t come easy.

It’s something our farmers put their heart and soul into. Something we stake our reputation on, our legacy on.

Purity flows through Stony River Black Angus like the bubbling river waters that tumble over volcanic boulders born from the ancient mountain itself.

Just like the river that finds its ways to the ocean, Stony River Black Angus is destined to find its way to your plate. Delivering a dining experience you’ll never forget.


Our Difference

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