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The incredible care and craftsmanship that goes into Stony River Black Angus ultimately shines through in its taste. Learn more about each cut below.

  • Ribeye

    The ribeye is a beautiful, rich cut that can be cooked whole, or sliced into steaks. The marbling means this cut is going to be tender, juicy and delicious no matter how you choose to prepare it.

  • Striploin

    This cut can be roasted as a whole roll or divided into steaks before cooking. The striploin is known for its bold flavour, while still being lean and tender.


  • Tenderloin

    The tenderloin is one of the most popular cuts of beef. Living up to its name, the tenderloin is extremely tender. This cut is very versatile, whether you choose to cook it as a steak or use it raw for a beef tartare.

  • D-Rump

    The D-Rump is a large cut from the hindquarter. Made up of both the rump cap and heart of rump, this cut is best prepared roasted or diced up for casseroles and stir fry.

  • Rump Cap

    The rump cap is a cut of beef with a thick fat cap still attached. When cooked, the fat infuses into the meat giving it a rich and juicy flavour. This cut can be roasted whole or sliced into steaks before cooking.


  • Eye Round

    The eye round is a lean cut, from the hind leg. It has a beefy, robust flavour that works best for roasting or sliced and diced into your dish.

  • Heart of Rump

    This cut comes from the D-Rump after the rump cap has been separated. It can be used in a range of dishes, with the wonderful beef flavour shining through as the hero of every dish.

  • OP Rib

    The OP Rib is a cut that will impress all steak lovers. The bone in cut is extremely tender with a bold flavour.

  • Short Rib

    Short ribs are a bone in cut, making them one of the most flavoursome in our range. Cooking these low and slow will deliver a rich, melt-in-your-mouth result.

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