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Purity preserves

Everything we do ensures Stony River Black Angus is the most exceptional grass-fed beef you will ever have the chance to enjoy. The very best cattle are raised on the fertile soils in and around the Taranaki region, grass-fed on emerald pastures and roaming free all year round.

Purity preserves quality.

Purity is what Stony River Black Angus was founded on. We are proud to be working with farmers that breed and finish some of New Zealand’s purest Angus cattle, providing us with the opportunity to create the purest quality of beef possible. This ensures our cuts retain a truly unique flavour profile, meeting the quality standards of our expert Graders — and your palette.

Purity preserves taste.

The incredible care and craftsmanship that goes into Stony River Black Angus ultimately shines through in its taste, striking the perfect balance between marbling and flavour essential to a truly exceptional eating experience. Our goal is to make Stony River Black Angus the mouth-watering centre piece of any meal – the true beef-lovers beef.

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